Hello there! Whether you’re on the hunt for a photographer or just stumbled upon my page down the Google rabbit hole, I’m happy you’re here!

I’m Camilla, a Lifestyle and Branding Photographer, working with clients across the lower mainland on projects ranging from brand campaigns and editorials to family sessions and events. Photography is my craft & passion first and foremost. I’m lucky that it also happens to be my business! 

Prior to photography, I worked as a Marketing Manager in the craft beer and hospitality industry. The common thread in my eclectic resume is the joy I take in working and connecting with people from all backgrounds. My 18-year old self didn’t know her Anthropology degree would eventually lead her behind the lens, but it turned out to be the perfect fit.

What's in a name?

“Friday Eve”- um, don’t you mean, Thursday? 

If you want to get technical on me yes, it’s Thursday. Allow me to explain…. 

Remember being a kid and that stomach dropping, fluttering excitement you felt going to bed on Christmas Eve? The morning finally comes, and it’s still great, but I’ve always found something particularly special about the pure joy and excitement of the night before. 

Fast forward to my working life and Friday’s became my weekly “Christmas.” I started wishing my co-workers “Happy Friday Eve” coming into the office on Thursdays and the name stuck!

Manic Mondays, Humpday, TGIF - why can’t we let Thursday’s shine? (Sorry, Tuesday, I got nothing for you)

When brainstorming a name for my business, Friday Eve Photo came to mind quickly as it expresses the excitement and happiness photography brings to my life. When your work meets your passion, everyday feels like Friday Eve. 

Clients/Brands I've Worked With

BCSPCA, YVR Airport Authority, M Moser Associates, Real Canadian SuperStore, Fable Dinnerware, Verily Kitchen, Charcuterie Vancouver, Blender Bites, Pudus, Smash & Tess, The Modern Day Wife, Her Paper Route

Photo by Kristen Pay Photography